06/02/14CAS Software premiers its app-based CRM software

How will you shape your business relationships in future so that they are more customer-centric, simpler and user-friendlier than ever before? CAS Software AG has the answer to this question and you can experience it for yourself at CeBIT in Hanover from March 10-14, 2014 in hall 6, stand C16. Highlights will include: the new app-based CAS SmartDesign technology, with integrated data quality for the CRM solution and secure software architecture for the Cloud.

As Martin Hubschneider, CEO of CAS Software AG explains: "We want to give our users the most mobile and at the same time the most flexible xRM-software the world has ever seen. The CAS SmartDesign technology is unique in the area of CRM. And it is this that enables our users to enjoy our software solutions on all market relevant mobile devices and browsers in the same look and feel - regardless of whether they use iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8 or a web browser. The forward-looking app-in-app concept makes it possible to combine apps to fulfil functional requirements.

Users love apps and tabs

At CeBIT 2014, the German market leader for CRM for SMEs will be demonstrating how app-based CRM and xRM software can be customized using the new Form Designer to match user requirements. And what's more, users can predefine app groups to meet the needs of different roles and functional areas in a company. Depending on requirements, the existing app spectrum can be enlarged or reduced, including app integrations from third-party providers, to ensure that the needs of your service teams, support teams, sales and marketing department or management team are all met.

A new data quality standard - thanks to the integrated EBID interface
Data maintenance is often an excellent yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of company software, and CAS SmartDesign technology reflects this as a platform for company software that includes apps from third-party suppliers.  Users of the CAS genesisWorld solution x5 have the capability in Germany to check the integrity of B2B contacts in their own company database using the services of the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org web service. "When it comes to efficient contact data management, this service is very helpful as it provides a new level of quality with respect to company information, especially in today's business climate where companies can update, correct and complete their company data at the click of a button": added Hubschneider. The functional principle is easy, as an external service provider Unternehmensverzeichnis.org issues a unique company-ID number for all companies based in Germany. The EBID number enables companies to be identified easily when comparing between the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org database and the company's own database. "This is a real revolution in data quality. In future, we will be able to enrich the saved company data with additional information such as turnover, creditworthiness, company news, vacant positions and much, much more".

CAS SmartDesign is developing into an app platform
In addition to the integrated data quality in the form of a HTML app, we will also be premiering third-party apps at CeBIT that are based on CAS SmartDesign: for example, a new app for time recording as well as an app for project rooms in which small project teams can cooperate.

"Software made in Germany" - proving very popular
Since the recent NSA affair and the subsequent disclosures, there has been a major spike in the demand for secure software that you can trust. This is especially the case for certified products that bear the: "Software made in Germany" seal of approval. Within the framework of the "MimmoSecco" project, run by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, CAS Software AG participated in the architecture of secure software for the Cloud. "The project follows a 'security by design' concept, which entails data being saved in an encrypted form over a number of different sites and which is only brought together again at the user's location. This transforms CAS Cloud solutions into Cloud fortresses that slam the door in the face of data misuse" confirmed a convinced Hubschneider. And what's more CAS Software is involved in a further project within the framework of "Trusted Cloud" which is focused upon developing a European data protection certificate for Cloud products.

SEPA & more: CAS products with new functions
At CeBIT, CAS Software AG in conjunction with its partners will be presenting a range of further developments for its solutions. For example, CAS genesisWorld has a new invoicing module. The CAS Configurator Merlin has switched to new graphical elements and user-interfaces for the configuration process. The recent conversion to the SEPA process has been seamlessly integrated into all CAS products, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a smooth and professional transition in your company. Other functional expansions for the international arena help to make it easier to work with foreign companies in different languages. The new Typo3 interface connects the CRM and CMS systems. Additionally, the CAS industry solutions are being continually further-developed especially for: car dealerships, engineers, IT-companies, mechanical engineers and manufacturing companies, consultants, clubs and associations as well as education establishments including higher education in the form of the CAS Campus higher-education solution and mobile clients for students.

CAS Software AG and its partners at the 2014 CeBIT
Hall 6, Stand C16