10/05/17CAS partner program offers new business opportunities

Choosing a software house to partner with is not an everyday decision for IT service providers and system vendors. Your long-term success depends on such a decision and how well you balance key factors like strategy and business trends among others.

CAS Software AG, one of the leading CRM solution providers to small and medium sized businesses, offers excellent CRM solutions with a perfect customer satisfaction track record and a fair, award-winning partner program. More than 200 companies are already part of the global partner network – each of them successful in their own specific business areas and regions. Typically, these business areas can be very diverse covering consultation services, software implementation, customization, professional training, interface programming, industry solutions and CAS Software based add-ons.

Strong and successful cooperation
Any partnership is based on trust, fairness and equality - these qualities form the foundation of all CAS partnerships and are characteristic of the CAS partner network. By working together, exchanging ideas and improving the cooperation every member becomes stronger and success can grow. Teaming up with others enables partners to undertake, and successfully complete, bigger and much more diverse projects.To ensure comprehensive qualifications, CAS partners go through extensive training and ongoing certifications. Earning the title of CAS Partner sends a clear signal to others of expertise, competence and project success.

Benefit from a close relationship to the supplier
“Knowledge is the only commodity which multiples the more you share it.” Innovative products thrive on feedback, because it is this close and constant exchange of ideas with partners, customers and other market stakeholders which breathes life into innovative products. CAS Software shares its comprehensive expertise and vast experience with its partner network. By involving partners early in the product development and software testing process, the sense of team and cooperation is strengthened. And in return, the CAS partners give their new impulses and business ideas back into the company. This feeds CAS’ innovative spirit and helps CAS to develop excellent products which match customers’ needs and market requirements both now and in future. The close contact and exchange also offers access to new contacts and potential new customers.

Partner with the best
CAS Software is already well-established as the German-market leader in CRM for SMEs and as a pioneer of xRM - relationship management for the next generation. The innovative CRM solutions embody outstanding customer satisfaction, while enjoying top rankings in product comparisons and tests as well as successful customers. This is a valuable orientation for new customers who can find CRM market confusing. CAS partners benefit from the popularity of the CAS brand and its market recognition. This also has a positive synergy on the associated products and services that they offer.

Excellent Marketing & Sales for joint success
CAS Software distributes its software solutions primarily through certified partners. So all marketing efforts are focused on serving the partners. In addition to a wide range of attractive marketing materials, CAS Software also provides valuable tips and ideas for new marketing activities and campaigns. And the CAS Marketing Team also provides consultative services and the option of joint participation at trade shows.

With access to the CAS Partner Portal and a monthly newsletter, partners are kept up to date of new developments and trends and have access to all the sales and marketing materials they might need as well as, templates, and other information to help them with new customer acquisition.

97% recommend a CAS partnership – when do you start?
Sustainable partnerships are the rule with CAS and an excellent indicator of an excellent partner program.
In an independent study in 2016, CAS Software had been chosen, for the second time, as the best CRM provider for channel sales. And the only provider to receive a “5 star rating” for its partner program.

Besides the attractive partner program with excellent income opportunities, other key factors also play a vital role for successful cooperation: brand recognition, quality and market opportunities.

Talk to CAS Software today to find out what opportunities CAS Software can offer you as an interested IT service provider or system house.

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