01/07/14 CAS genesisWorld in version x6 now with a fresh design and unique search engine

New user interfaces and a bundle of CRM functions are available to users now in the x6 version of CAS genesisWorld. Free apps extend operational use to tablets, smartphones and browser-capable mobile devices. The protection of sensitive customer data has been improved through the optimized security architecture. Other highlights in the new x6 version include: the new Easy Invoice module for improved invoicing and the internal search engine ‘CAS SmartSearch’, which has revolutionized searching in user-sensitive company information.

‘The latest generation CRM & xRM solutions support companies on their Customer Centricity journey’, said Martin Hubschneider, CEO of CAS Software AG, ‘For us as a supplier of ‘Software made in Germany’ certified-solutions, customer orientated processes and protecting sensitive customer data are still our number one priorities. That said, the user-friendliness of our software across all the various mobile device platforms that our customers use is just as important to us’, emphasized the CEO of the German market leader for CRM solutions for SMEs and xRM pioneer.

CAS SmartDesign technology with new apps

CAS SmartDesign technology enables the simple operation of CAS genesisWorld mobile apps and ensures that there is a uniform look and feel no matter the platform: Microsoft Windows, iOS, BlackBerry and Android-based devices. They adapt themselves to the different user interfaces used on smartphones, tablets and also to the Windows 8.1 Flat Design.

More protection for sensitive customer data

The ingenious CAS genesisWorld security architecture supports companies in protecting privacy rights and adhering to European guidelines. To help recognize data misuse early, users now see the details of their last logon such as the time and date, each time they logon. Optimized security prompts create more transparency, for example, with export functions and in the change log of the customer dossier.

CAS SmartSearch: Search-as-you-type

The newly developed internal search engine ‘CAS SmartSearch’ is unique in the area of company software. This new search engine enables intelligent searching of relevant data records in CAS genesisWorld in real-time. Data is sorted according to relevance and activity. Similar sounds and words are included in the search. So for example, search terms like ‘John’ and ‘Jonas’ are found, even though a user may have entered ‘Jones’ by mistake. To ensure high-performance access to data, special in-memory technologies are used. The CAS genesisWorld rights system is also included and contributes to the protection of sensitive customer data. SmartSearch is now available as an app in the CAS SmartDesign Web client.

Easy Invoice module: New options for invoicing

With the new Easy Invoice module, smaller companies who may not have their own ERP system stand to benefit the most, as they will be able to create their own receipts using CAS genesisWorld. Invoices, credit notes, cancellations, delivery notes and other sales documents can now all be generated directly from within opportunities, projects, time records or expenses.

International: Easy cross-border customer contacts

Now, available in 10 languages, CAS genesisWorld can be used across international borders. Navigators are available in multiple languages to ensure an intuitive user experience and improved communication. Salutation conventions and address formats are now saved with each individual language and used automatically depending on the language set.

So for example, a French user can write a letter to their business partner in their own language: in addition to English salutations, salutations are also available in the customer’s language.

For an overview of the new functions: