Reference MS Motorservice International GmbH

xRM accelerates communications world wide
Sector: Automotive Industry
  • CAS genesisWorld
    • module Marketing pro
    • module Survey
    • module Helpdesk
    • module Report
    • module Form & Database Designer


  • Central solution that spans different sites
  • Should replace stand alone solutions
  • Should integrate SAP, Lotus Notes and other solutions
  • To become the only software solution we use for all business contacts
  • Universal relationship management
  • Professionalize worldwide communications
  • Be flexible and provide a high degree of customization
  • Allow access to data around the clock

Benefits and advantages

  • All customer information sits in a central database.
  • CRM becomes XRM: relationship management with suppliers, trade partners, logistics companies, workshops, representatives, in fact, any business partners
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing IT landscapes
  • Enables comprehensive analyses, key performance indicators and an overview of refunds through the SAP integration
  • External access to all relevant data
  • Virtual dossier enables accurate information to be accessed worldwide at any time
  • Impressive telephone integration: no more troublesome dialing, caller dossiers open immediately on screen


Viktor Schlothauer, Team Leader Sales Coordination

"Our central XRM and Customer Centricity helps us to be the No. 1 service partner for our customers."