Reference Evanthia BV

Analyze relevant customer, supplier, product information
Sector: Trade
Food and Consumer Goods
  • CAS genesisWorld
    • module Survey
    • module Report
    • module Form & Database Designer


  • Centralized database for all relations
  • One CRM for internal and external sales worldwide
  • Mobile CRM (also offline)
  • Segment customers for product interests
  • Automatic process for follow up actions, Groupware for tasks, calenders and e-mail
  • Seamless integration of Microsoft Outlook and with financial software, Management reports: Turnover, credit limit and budget

Benefits and advantages

  • Automated workflows have enabled us to save time with respect to routine internal organization tasks
  • Complete 360° real time view of existing and potential clients with all relevant contact information including correspondence, phone calls, appointments as well as contracts and documents, even on the move
  • The sales process has been simplified and opportunities of internal and external sales persons can now be constantly monitored (Sales funnel per region)
  • Convenient Geomarketing for overview customers and prospects worldwide
  • Smart segmentation: Interests of product groups registred at the customer


Daphne van der Hoeven, Commercial Assistant

"With CAS genesisWorld we have a centralized system with which we can analyze and link all relevant customer, supplier, product and statistical information. Two Visions takes the time to guide us step by step into the (digital) future."