Reference TüNet GmbH

Focus on the customer
Sector: Services
  • CAS genesisWorld
    Project Partner:
    Solics GmbH, Tübingen, DE


    • Central pool of contact data
    • Creation of a customer history to be used as the basis for regular mailings to the customer, the press, etc.
    • Selective marketing activities targeting specific groups
    • Integration of sales and marketing channels
    • Replace the current project maps and make internal and external projects more transparent
    • Support with work processes and increase efficieny
    • Improve internal communication
    • Generate a company memory


    Antje Fleischer, commercial director and deputy managing director

    "All the employees in our TüNet division are highly motivated when working with the CRM software. We proved that CRM and an explicit customer orientation make sense even for a small division and that they useful in terms of process optimization and contribute to increasing turnover."