Reference DWBO Diakonisches Werk

A pioneer for social CRM
Sector: Organizations and Associations
  • CAS genesisWorld


    • Standardised, consolidated address database
    • Electronic member file
    • Groupware functions such as calendar, tasks and e-mail to rationalise the administrative work
    • Active and purposeful administration of members
    • Web portal for the members
    • Exchange of information between the members

    Benefits and advantages

    • Reduced effort for updating addresses, members update their addresses themselves
    • Complete, fault-free, up-to-date data
    • Easier, administrative procedures
    • Avoidance of double work
    • Standardised, consistent advice for members
    • Better communication within the institution
    • Mutual qualification of the employees
    • Incentive for more efficient work
    • Documentations of services vis-á-vis the members
    • Attraction of resources for the improvement and extension of the range of services


    Michael Hübner, Network Administrator

    "The feedback from the employees was surprisingly positive. This is certainly due to the fact that we have communicated the usefulness to the employees and the DWBO clearly."