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Las empresas que apuestan por un sistema CRM (Customer Relationship Management (Gestión de Relaciones con Clientes)) entusiasman a los clientes, a los socios y a los empleados y de este modo crean experiencias únicas para los clientes. Déjese convencer: En nuestros seminarios web gratuitos y sin compromiso le mostraremos cómo crear la base para ello con la ayuda de un sistema CRM.
En nuestros tutoriales gratuitos sobre CRM, le mostramos cómo trabajar eficazmente con nuestros sistemas de CRM.

Los siguientes charlas, tutoriales y seminarios web se imparten en inglés.

Charlas de CAS CRM

ExcellenceTalk CRM + Leadinfo

ExcellenceTalk CRM + Leadinfo

You might have lost sales today and didn't even know it: 98% of your website visitors leave your website without leaving any trace. Get more insights now by watching the ExcellenceTalk CRM + Leadinfo with Millicent Pelamonia, Customer Success Manager, Leadinfo B.V. and Jeroen van Scherpenzeel, Managing Consultant, Two Visions B.V. as well as Mircea Prelipceanu, Head of International Sales, CAS CRM.

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CustomerSpotlight CRM @ Autonom

What are the benefits of CRM for car rental companies and how can you successfully implement the software and the use of it?

Mihai Nicolescu, Sales Coordinator at @AUTONOM Services S.A., and Adrian Stanciu, CRM Consultant at Soft Net Consulting SRL, share insights on how they successfully implemented CRM together.

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Seminarios web

En este momento no hay seminarios web programados. Esté atento a este espacio: pronto se anunciarán nuevas fechas.



Access your CRM data offline

In a connected world, it is important that you can access your data anywhere and at any time. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make your CRM data visible offline in CAS genesisWorld.

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Mobile signing from anywhere

Obtain the electronic signature of your customers and business partners directly on site via your tablet or smartphone and have your offers, minutes or proof of activities digitally signed.

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CRM & CPQ: Integration of CAS genesisWorld and CAS Configurator Merlin

In this tutorial, we will show you how to benefit from the seamless integration of CRM and CPQ for the automatic transfer of customer data as configuration parameters.

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Intuitive handling of CAS genesisWorld with CAS SmartDesign®

The SmartDesign® technology of CAS genesisWorld ensures intuitive usability on all devices – whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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CRM Outlook-Integration

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect Microsoft Outlook to our CRM system CAS genesisWorld and how to link your communication conveniently and easily between CRM and mail client.

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Targeted Marketing

With CAS genesisWorld as your CRM solution, you can plan and manage target audience-specific marketing activities. In this tutorial, we will show you how to design targeted customer communication.

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x13 version highlights in CAS genesisWorld Web

Enjoy digital freedom and quickly and easily establish transparent and seamless teamwork. Let the smart wizards and SmartActions help you to optimize the efficiency of your daily routines.

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x13 version highlights in CAS genesisWorld Desktop

Enjoy digital freedom and make customer interaction even more efficient: For example, organize Microsoft Teams meetings directly in CAS genesisWorld.

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x13 version highlights in CAS genesisWorld mobile app

Enjoy digital freedom anywhere and anytime. Using the CAS genesisWorld mobile app, you can get digital signatures anytime and can access important data even while offline.

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x13 version highlights in the App Designer

Enjoy digital freedom and customize your CRM to fit your individual needs - flexible, easy, and efficient.

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CAS App Designer: Create individualized dashboards easily

In this tutorial you will learn how to create role-based dashboards and work efficiently with business metrics & charts.

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CAS App Designer: Adjust the CAS CRM sales process easily to your needs

In this tutorial you will learn more about system-supported user guidance, flexible and individual sales processes and efficient organisation.

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CAS App Designer: Adjust your address management in CAS CRM

Learn to put your customer at the centre of your actions. Achieve optimal contact management with a 360° view in your customer dossier.

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CAS App Designer: Flexibly design individual forms and dashboards

Keep an eye on the most important key figures and daily tasks and easily integrate them into your workflow. With the App Designer, you can structure and customise your dashboard according to your requirements using drag-and-drop.

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Libro blanco

¿Quiere sacar aún más partido a su CRM? Para que pueda sumergirse aún más en nuestro mundo de CRM, hemos preparado libros blancos adecuados para usted en inglés.

Puede encontrar todos los libros blancos aquí