Using CAS genesisWorld for effective customer management in the energy sector

  • Start now with a flexible CRM solution which adapts quickly to your needs
  • Access centrally stored data for efficient enquiry processing
  • Access all relevant customer data for excellent customer service - even when mobile
  • Clearly defined processes – covering all the milestones from offers to orders
  • Write error-free contracts and offers quickly
  • Integrated sales management for more effective sales
  • Apply intelligent analysis tools to special sales measures

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Customer voices

We were looking for a CRM solution which could offer us more than just the usual focus on sales.

Fabiana Barros da Silva, Sales Support, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH

Because of the ever-increasing quantities of data, a central address and project management system which includes appointment and task management functionality is essential to our operations. The holistic nature of CAS Software's CRM solution was the deciding factor for us when it came to choosing a suitable system.

Michael Schneider, Planning and Support of IT systems, Administrator G-TEC Ingenieure GmbH


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Impress your customers with outstanding service and offers

The only way for energy companies to win the trust and loyalty of their customers and suppliers is to excel at providing unique service. In addition to the usual consulting and sales activities, the ability to write error-free contracts and offers is an ever increasing part of everyday work. The CAS genesisWorld CRM software has been specially designed to meet these requirements, providing support to your sales and service teams by enabling them to create tailor-made offers and complete time-consuming administration tasks with ease. When using CRM software for energy suppliers you can be sure that your customer needs are in good hands, decisions can be made quickly and with confidence and you can follow-up on your customers' wishes. The result: happy customers, satisfied employees and suppliers and, of course, more commercial success.

CRM helps you to advise your customers and sales partners more effectively

CAS genesisWorld has been specially designed to meet the requirements of energy companies. Central data storage means that employees have access to the latest customer data, technical information and invoicing data. Other key data such as financial and purchasing documents can also be effortlessly integrated into the CRM software. With just a single click you can prepare for customer appointments by generating an overview of customer turnover or printing your customer's contact history. And we've made appointment follow-ups even easier: you can set up accurate contracts and offers quickly and then send them to customers. By applying intelligent energy management, you are able to save valuable time and can relieve your employees of unnecessary extra work, leaving more time for the essential tasks.

CRM energy solutions optimize processes across your company

Besides tried and tested CRM components, CAS genesisWorld offers many other energy-industry, specific functions which will support the whole sales process.

  • Start your day with the dashboard, here you will see an overview of your appointments as well as any other relevant information you might need, for example, data that enables you to prepare for customer or supplier meetings.
  • A quick glance at the customer dossier is all it takes for your employees to get an overview of recent activities - the dossier contains all relevant information relating to that customer such as adress, contact histories, appointment, e-mails and so on.
  • Manage all your customer, business partner, supplier or employee contact data in one CRM system.
  • Increase the productivity of your sales ‒ your CRM system supports you when analyzing sales data and managing leads.
  • Product configuration and automated contract drafting help to make the offer process accurate, fast and economical.
  • Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or working across multiple sites - the mobile version of CAS genesisWorld ensures easy access to the latest data.
  • Using CAS genesisWorld for energy providers increases sales. Business processes are more organized efficiently ‒ helping to bring you closer to your customers and increase their satisfaction.
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