Sales management

Sales management - simple and efficient

Sales is not just about managing your contact and customer data. Knowledge of the current sales figures and their development is just as important when it comes to decision making. Using CAS genesisWorld you will be able to sell more effectively, as you will have all the information you need - whether it be customer data, customer behaviour, or your sales figures. Sales management has never been so easy and so efficient!

Support for tough decision making in sales management

A CRM system such as CAS genesisWorld forms the basis of fundamental decision making in sales management by displaying all relevant information transparently. With the Report Manager module you can analyse your customer relationships according to the greatest potential, calculate project viability, and make realistic estimations for turnover forecasts.

By using formula and business ratios that you can define yourself, it is easy to gain a quick overview of key performance indicators. So in addition to the contact data, you can view other key data such as current service requests, the sum of all open invoices, or the total turnover for the current year. Another practical function is the proximity search, whereby all of your key accounts can be shown on a digital map within a specified area that you define. Efficient sales management also requires that customer visit reports be created easily, e.g. with a questionnaire via mobile phone.

In day-to-day business it is common that sales management often overlaps with other company areas, e.g. marketing. Depending on their performance, new marketing campaigns may lead to increased sales. At the same time, a sales manager may have suggestions about how to properly address potential/new customers, how to better sell certain products, or may also have information about customer needs that could be addressed by the marketing team. In order to keep track of this vital data and to maintain customer focus, a CRM system that can combine different sources of information and that can support interdisciplinary company development is a great help.

Successful sales management thanks to clever functionality

CAS genesisWorld offers a number of options for successful sales management, e.g. increased efficiency and planning security with various possibilities for analysing opportunities. All sales actions, from the first contact to the offer, from the conclusion of a sale to after sales, are recorded together with the customer’s details in the CRM system, so that the whole sales process is documented.

Using the Sales Funnel diagram in the Sales Pro module, you can easily see what the next activity should be concerning each customer. This is incredibly useful as you can see at any time where you are in the sales process, what steps need to be carried out next, or what resources you have available in terms of employee planning and so on. When recording working time and expenses, your sales reps can allocate costs directly to the respective customers and projects.

Optimise your sales and customer satisfaction with CRM

Conducting surveys with your customers directly is an important part of sustainable sales management. Are your customers satisfied with your business, products, and services? With the survey module you can start conducting regular online surveys; the results flow directly into your CRM system where they can be analysed.