Customer focus

Consequent customer focus increases customer satisfaction

Customer focus and being in touch with your customers’ needs are the key factors to success in every business’s strategy. In order to guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction, it is now more important than ever before to ensure that all your business activities are aligned with your customers’ requirements. This way sustainable customer relations are ensured.

Efficient customer care (CRM) increases customer satisfaction demonstrably: by reducing reaction times to customer requests, by improving the flow of information between all parties involved in the customer care process, and by improving the way feedback is managed. In short, CRM improves your customer service.

Reasons why CRM systems improve customer focus

We offer professional software for your customer service that contributes towards improving your customer focus: our CRM software CAS genesisWorld. This software is tailored specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized companies and has proven itself as the market leader in CRM software comparisons.

Clever functions make internal work processes easier and thus improve customer focus. Each employee can view the complete customer dossier within just a few clicks, so they always have the information they need when a customer calls, and can create offers in no time at all, or forward enquiries to specific departments. As our software has been optimised for mobile devices, sales employees can always access all important information they need from any location at any time.

Measuring and analysing customer satisfaction is easy

The only real way to measure customer satisfaction is by getting direct feedback from your customers. CAS genesisWorld helps you with this task with the modules for online surveys. Using the data gathered from the surveys, you can easily calculate customer satisfaction and then link this data with the respective data records in the CRM system.

CAS genesisWorld also offers powerful functions for marketing and sales activities, for example by helping you select target groups or by analysing opportunities and key accounts. Customer service is also given a great emphasis: the Helpdesk add-on module enables you to record and process support requests quickly and efficientl

Use the full potential of your network with xRM

In the near future customer focus will not be the only important factor of success for your business, other crucial factors will include the following: ensuring that you provide the best help and care you can to all manner of relationships – whether to customers, employees, suppliers, the media, or even your competition. xRM - Anything Relationship Management – is the logical evolution of CRM. CAS Software AG also offers expert knowledge and multiple solutions for this new market. To ensure that in the near future these factors will be implemented into existing business processes, the most successful small and medium-sized companies in Europe will be using xRM solutions from CAS Software.