14/12/20WirtschaftsWoche: CAS on the winners' podium again

With an innovation score of 262, CAS Software took 3. place in Germany's most innovative 'Mittelstand' companies competition. This places CAS Software AG in amongst the crème de la crème from a total of 3500 companies.

Germany's most innovative 'Mittelstand' (SME)

After being awarded TOP 100 most innovative IT companies and "Great Place to Work" CAS Software AG can celebrate their 3. podium result in 2020. CAS Software AG belongs to "Germany's most innovative 'Mittelstand' companies 2020" and has proven their innovative spirit once again.

CAS Software AG consolidates its status as an innovative leader
In this year's ranking it was clear that the technology sector shapes the competition. CAS Software AG has been designated as an exemplary technology company which has firmly established itself as a champion of innovation.

The award reflects the company's innovative spirit
CAS Software's innovative culture draws its power from substantial annual investments in research and development, the Future Labs vision and the mindset of the co-creators working there. The software technologies surrounding CAS genesisWorld and the SmartDesign clients are being constantly optimized, this is a deliberate strategy to ensure that digitalization as a connective element is always being pushed in line with the principles of Customer Centricity.

About the competition: Scoring points for innovative strength and performance
In cooperation with the WirtschaftWoche magazine, the business consultants Munich Strategy created an annual ranking of the most innovative Mittelständer (The Mittelstand are the small and medium-sized companies which underpin the German economy). The key areas of business of the companies analyzed ranged from hearing aids for children, to food processing and pump systems. An innovation score is calculated for the shortlist of companies. A third of the score is calculated from turnover and profit development and the rest is based on innovative spirit. The innovative spirit consists of different factors such as; market innovations, expenditure on innovation and competitors' assessments.

Follow the link for more information on the innovation competition in WirtschaftsWoche: bit.ly/3eMxqyf (ony german)