07/12/22Actively shaping the future

"The future interests me – I´m going to spend the rest of my life there."
This quote by Mark Twain has accompanied me personally this year. We all live in a special time with constantly new challenges. Many people are afraid of an uncertain future and feel paralyzed. With this editorial, I would like to encourage you to take a very active role in shaping your and our future with well-founded confidence.

Editorial by Martin Hubschneider, founder and CEO of CAS Software AG

Martin HubschneiderDear CAS Community,

first of all, I would like to introduce my word of the year: It's called "solution-finding confidence." Yes, there are major unsolved problems in the world and in our immediate environment. And often we don't yet know the solution. But with the confidence to find it, the necessary life energy can unfold to overcome the feeling of paralysis.This is then the moment when you can become the gardener and pilot of your life and actively shape your future.

Our mission is to make an important contribution to successful fan relationships with customers, partners and co-creators and thus to their bright future with our market-leading CRM+AIA® solutions. Our vision is for over 100 million people and millions of businesses in Europe to connect fairly.digitally on our trusted platforms and successfully shape a humane, sustainable society together.

For our team, 2022 was a successful year of shaping the future: CAS Software was named the overall winner of "Innovator of the Year" in this year's TOP100 innovation competition. In addition, we were once again pleased to be ranked in WirtschaftsWoche's ranking of Germany's most innovative medium-sized companies, not to mention the fact that we also count among the most attractive employers of choice for IT graduates in Germany, according to the Trendence Barometer 2022. However, what pleases us most of all, are the success stories with our reference customers - such as with Klaus Faber which you can read about in this interview featured by IT-Mittelstand, the specialist magazine for IT-management.

All this encourages us to continue igniting our passion for new technologies and digital freedom together. Our unique CRM + AIA® solution with its many intelligent assistants and fascinatingly simple user experience helps you to concentrate on the essentials in everyday life - your customers and the people around you.

That is why it was once again the inspiring, personal exchange with you at many events this year that let us look forward to the new year with positive energy and irrepressible curiosity. That is exactly what I would like to thank you for.

For me personally, freedom and working tirelessly towards creating a more peaceful world are one of the goals that drive me forward. At CAS, we believe in successful relationships at eye level. Therefore, I would like to invite you to actively and successfully shape the future together and create sustainable WIN-WIN relationships.

On behalf of the entire CAS team, I would like to wish you all the very best for 2023, may the coming year be full of inspiring encounters, happiness, satisfaction, new impulses, courage for upcoming challenges, fulfilling relationships and - you know - confidence in finding solutions.

Yours sincerely
Martin Hubschneider

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