23/11/20Using innovative strength to shape the future today

Innovative strength and the courage to change are more important than ever. New technologies enable more efficient work processes and create new economic opportunities. Current studies show that constant process optimizations and investments in the future of a company are vital in ensuring that a company also has the capacity to act under difficult circumstances.

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CAS Software flexes their innovative muscles
CAS Software proved their innovative power once again by taking third place in the "Innovative Champions 2020" category. At the heart of this study, conducted among 3 500 German companies, is the so-called "Innovation score" which is calculated based on the innovative strength and performance of the company. CAS Software's innovative culture draws its power from substantial annual investments in research and development, the Future Labs vision and the mindset of the employees working there. The software technologies surrounding CAS genesisWorld CRM and the SmartDesign clients are being constantly optimized, this is a deliberate strategy to ensure that digitalization as a connective element is always being pushed in line with the principles of Customer Centricity.

Digital Sovereignty for Europe's future
During the course of the InnovationFestival @karlsruhe.digital, Martin Hubschneider CEO, CAS Software AG, presented his plans for founding a common association to uphold digital sovereignty – fair.digital e.V. The goal: Ensuring digital sovereignty for everyone, companies, organizations and European states built on the basic pillars of: Data protection, transparency and fairness.

Four CAS CRM customers among the TOP 100 small and medium-sized enterprises
We love hearing about the growth and success of CAS CRM customers and consequently would like to congratulate: DELO, GS Elektromedizinische Geräte, Insiders Technologies and SimonsVoss Technologies on being awarded the accolade of "Germany's strongest growing Mittelständer (small and medium-sized enterprises) 2020". In the Munich Strategy study, which was run in cooperation with Handelsblatt, a major German business newspaper, they put 4 000 German companies under the microscope to see just what their sustainable development looked like. In conclusion: The TOP 100 companies demonstrate stronger growth, they are characterized particularly by their strength, stability, innovative spirit and power of resistance. 

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