02/06/22The future of our working world is hybrid, intelligent and customer-centric

The working environment in which we operate has changed significantly over the past two years. The demands on companies, employees and the workplace have continued to evolve. We want to work intelligent, moving away from analog processes and location-based productivity so that we can be successful while being transparent, connected and efficient, in a powerful digital workspace.

Mircea Prelipceanu

Hybrid working, adaptability and a CRM mindset – these are the success factors for high-performance companies that will be the focus of this year's DigitalForum Customer Centricity on June 30, 2022. Let's talk about the inherent new possibilities and opportunities that digitalization offers and what this can mean for a high-performance workplace, customer centricity and the future viability of your company.

We want to develop future scenarios together as well as shape them actively to ensure a sustainable success: Top speakers such as Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić, Dr. Matthias Strolz, Paul Johannes Baumgartner and Martin Hubschneider will share their visions for future-oriented companies. Be part of it!

In addition, other digitalization experts will provide valuable thrust for your entrepreneurial future, via CAS CRM talks as well as practical tips for greater efficiency in the intelligent workplace. Together, we will look at how new technologies can inspire customers in an emotional way and on the long-term. Despite digital technologies, people are, and will remain the main focus and the customer enthusiasm is the be-all and end-all for the future growth of companies.

CRM is a must nowadays – as a central corporate system equipped with intelligent AI assistants, it supports your team in their daily office work from anywhere. Whether sales, marketing, service or management: With CAS genesisWorld CRM you create the environment you need to work productively while simultaneously ensuring the transparency of all customer and project data according to GDPR. Regardless of whether you are in the office, on the road, with the customer or working from home or abroad – CRM is location-independent – as technology and mindset.

Let's move into the fast lane and create a digitally sovereign future where we can develop and move freely.

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Mircea Prelipceanu
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