22/09/22The best CRM software deserves the best hosting

The cooperation between CAS Premium Partner Two Visions and Skyliner goes back many years. Besides hosting the CRM system, Skyliner also provides the cloud service for Two Visions' customers. Together with Jeroen van Scherpenzeel, owner of Two Visions, we look back on the cooperation and look ahead to new developments.

The best CRM software deserves the best hosting

Always and everywhere able to work in the cloud

What does Two Visions actually do? The Breukelen-based company is a partner of CAS Software AG, the German supplier of the innovative and flexible business relations platform CAS CRM in which customers can manage all their business processes but more than that and out of the box sales flows, marketing actions and a complete palette of tools for internal and external communication. In addition, it is possible to integrate CAS CRM into the Microsoft Suite. The system is customised by Two Visions. Their customers are mainly SMEs in business services, trade and manufacturing. It is important for them to have a reliable CRM system they can use anywhere. This is possible thanks to Skyliner's cloud service.

Hassle-free switching of ICT supplier

Two Visions and Skyliner met several years ago at a joint project. During this meeting, there appeared to be a match between the customers of Two Visions and those of Skyliner. In addition, Two Visions wanted to scale up quickly for which they needed a reliable ICT partner. This is how the collaboration with Skyliner was born. When taking over the ICT, we looked together with Skyliner at which server environment, database system and type of security best suited Two Visions. The choice to switch to another ICT supplier is always exciting, but thanks to Skyliner's excellent guidance, it went off without a hitch.

CRM with back-up for optimal security and safety

For Two Visions' clients, it is very important that customers data is in a secure cloud solution based in EU, The Netherlands. Skyliner does this by making daily backups of the files and securing them optimally in the cloud. Skyliner's cloud services are easily scalable, secure and efficient.

At Skyliner, they know you by name

Jeroen says of the collaboration with Skyliner: "What really sets Skyliner apart from other ICT companies is the commitment to the client, the reliability and knowledge of the employees." When we call Skyliner, they know who I am. In addition, they always look for the best solution for the client.

A collaboration which will serve you as a valuable customer

Two Visions is happy to recommend Skyliner for the hosting of the software and the cloud solution for the CRM software. Skyliner in turn recommends Two Visions for the excellent CRM system CAS. Thus, clients of both parties benefit from this unique collaboration. 

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