15/03/21Seven success factors of the digital workplace: CRM plays a vital role in accelerating your digitalization

Digital communication, remote collaboration and virtual meetings have become part of everyday life for many of us in these times. What still required improvisation and creativity from individuals and businesses in 2020 has now become the new normal and has also opened up many new opportunities and possibilities.

The fact remains that our usual ways of working are still undergoing a transformation. We are going to show you seven success factors that make up the new digital working place and how you can prepare your business well for it.

1. Digital workspace as a central platform
The digital workplace forms the foundation for providing important information and functionality beyond corporate boundaries, such as the digitalization of processes and the automation of workflows. Regardless of whether you are working in the office, on the move or working from home, with the right software platform, for example, a CRM solution with collaborative functions, all the data you need to access is made available to you independent of the time and place. Flexibility is the keyword here: Customizable dashboards deliver all the information and functions you need to help you take care of your day-to-day business in an efficient and user-oriented manner. To strengthen communications and improve cooperation within teams, knowledge and documents can be swapped digitally with ease between departments and locations. Employees now enjoy more flexibility regarding working times, so they are not as stressed with having to juggle the demands of work and private life, instead they can make the most of their most productive phases so that every employee can do their best to contribute to company success.

2. Economic efficiency and efficient processes
The Corona situation and these new challenges have increased the significance and impact of being economically efficient and more efficient in general. To become more agile and ensure first-class service, companies have to say farewell to time-consuming, manual and to some degree paper-based processes. Transparent data for all is the key. This requires a kind of "Swiss Army knife" software solution which can flexibly adapt to the requirements of both the company and individual user scenarios, in this way, the solution can perform optimally as a digital assistant. The automatic workflows the solution offers, ensure that your routine tasks are taken care of efficiently which takes the burden off your shoulders. This increases economic efficiency and strengthens the company's resilience at the same time which creates free space for, for example, managing sustainable, emotionally connected customer relationships.

3. Adaptivity, sustainability and innovative spirit
Business models, products, services, the customer journey and cooperation in teams are changing ever faster. Companies which want to remain competitive have to anticipate the changing market environments proactive and wrestle with the challenges of adaptivity, sustainability and innovative spirit. Remaining agile is key. Successful companies react adaptively to new situations and recognize customer requirements before the customer does, this enables them to develop new innovative products and provide first-class service. In the process, the relevance of product sustainability increases. Employees need smart support from a software solution which uses AI-based wizards to provide them with forward-looking information, so that they can model product life-cycles transparently and recognize the requirements of innovation. In this case, digitalization and adaptability help to make companies more flexible and resilient to crises.

4. Ideal customer experience
The digital transformation opens new ways and means of generating leads, managing relationships and networking to shape the individual customer experience. New communication channels have been established and are still on the rise. They deliver additional information which enables an individual approach and needs analysis. With a CRM/XRM solution as the central information platform, employees can keep an eye on the entire customer journey with all the touchpoints along the way. And in keeping with "Customer Centricity" as a future-oriented company mission statement, you can create an customer-oriented service and sense individual customer wishes before they become aware of them themselves. This is how you create inspiring moments – even digitally.

5. Networking of data, companies and people
Digital platforms and diverse network forms enable cooperation beyond corporate boundaries and shared added value by creating new information. The integration of the systems ensure that users always have everything in focus and the necessary data at their fingertips. And thanks to the central information source, virtual work is easier, more effective and more agile, because all the members of the team have access to all the relevant customer data – regardless of location and whether on- or offline.

6. Time for emotional and personal customer relationships
Personal contacts and emotional points of contact become even more valuable, precisely because so much is happening digitally as a consequence of the "New Normal". The digital workplace does not place limits on personal customer relationships, instead it supports you with new possibilities to create and shape special moments. By combining proactive actions with forward-looking information taken from, for example, your CRM/XRM solution, you can ensure that your customer meetings are more than impressive – anytime and anywhere, virtual or in person.


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7. Trust, security and data protection
Almost everything is running digitally which means that software solutions have to guarantee the highest levels of data protection – both online and offline. Why? Because security, transparency and fairness regarding personal data form the elemental building blocks of a common digital workplace and future. Consequently, "Digital Sovereignty" and "fair.digital" are integral elements of the CAS CRM company identity. The CAS Software AG software solutions guarantee data protection conformity, fairness and the freedom to determine what happens to your own data – with no exceptions.


Summary: Driving the digital change with the power of CRM
Although the "new" and "unknown" trigger insecurity and resistance, however, the need for digitalization is a great opportunity for a lot of companies to rethink their ways of working and shift their business perspective. And to be frank, we all know that in a few months the "New Normal" will transform into the "Digital Now". We would love to help you with CAS CRM expertise and intelligent CRM solutions to digitalize your business processes and make your relationship management more customer-centric. Be courageous and actively shape your digital future - then the digital change will open up a multitude of opportunities and possibilities for you.

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