02/06/22Pooled knowledge: CAS CRM Talks, webinars and tutorials

To make your digitisation activities and customer relationships even more successful, we want to support you with concentrated, practical knowledge about digitisation and the use of CRM in your company.

CAS CRM talks

As part of a CAS CRM Talks series, we regularly talk to experts and customers about the latest trends and opportunities, opinions and experiences around digitization and CRM.

Latest CAS CRM Talks

ExcellenceTalk: Seemless integration of CRM + ERP for a smooth business process: Do you know that only a seemless integration of CRM and ERP opens up great opportunities for companies? Watch the ExcellenceTalk video CRM + ERP with Frederic Parmentier, CRM Division Manager at Infomat n.v., Arjen Baltje, Sales Manager at KCS Wholesale, and Mircea Prelipceanu, Head of International Sales at CAS CRM, to learn how CRM and ERP work together smoothly and how your company can benefit from the full power of both systems.

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CustomerSpotlight: CRM @ Autonom: What are the benefits of CRM for car rental companies and how can you successfully implement the software and the use of it? Get more insights and watch now the CustomerSpotlight with Mihai Nicolescu, Sales Coordinator at AUTONOM Services S.A., as well as Adrian Stanciu, CRM Consultant at Soft Net Consulting SRL.

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ExcellenceTalk CRM + Leadinfo: You might have lost sales today and didn't even know it: 98% of your website visitors leave your website without leaving any trace. Get more insights now by watching the ExcellenceTalk CRM + Leadinfo with Millicent Pelamonia, Customer Success Manager, Leadinfo B.V. and Jeroen van Scherpenzeel, Managing Consultant, Two Visions B.V. as well as Mircea Prelipceanu, Head of International Sales, CAS CRM.

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Current webinars

Experience CAS CRM in practice | June 30, 2022
Join this webinar to find out how CAS genesisWorld will help you to engage prospects, delight customers, measure results and grow your business.

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Maximizing Sales productivity with Mobile CRM | July 14, 2022
Join this webinar to find out how CAS genesisWorld can optimally support your sales team in its daily work and achieving its goals.

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