28/09/22Innovative SmartDesign® technology for an inspiring user experience

In today's working world, multitasking is often the name of the game when working with software applications. Users are often constantly switching between Microsoft Office, CRM, ERP solutions and video conferencing tools. In order not to lose sight of the big picture and at the same time ensure fast and customer-oriented service, it is not only important to ensure data quality and the smooth exchange of data between IT solutions, but also to create an inspiring user experience.

Dr. Markus BauerIn this interview with Dr. Markus Bauer, Business Manager of the SmartDesign DevelopmentCenter at CAS Software AG, we will discover how CAS Software designs a positive user experience and implements customer-specific business processes in a cross-platform, transparent and legally compliant manner.

The new version x14 of CAS genesisWorld was released just a few weeks ago. What are the highlights of the CRM + AIA® solution from your point of view?
For me it is clearly the versatility. Users have a number of options to design their workplace to be as individual as they like while also being maximally efficient. Thinking assistants, such as the Picasso search accompany users throughout their day and inform them of important activities, documents, projects and contacts among other things according the CAS CRM motto of the Picasso search "Find instead of search". In this way, customers have all the important information they need, up to date and always within easy reach, without having to waste time searching.

User-specific and individual dashboards enriched with key figure widgets make everyday work even more efficient because data is available in a meaningful and targeted manner. This gives the user a quick and transparent overview of information for important decisions and a customer-specific service.

Workflows are also becoming more fluid: whether the integrated board view for transparent teamwork or the numerous interfaces for barrier-free data exchange between different IT solutions, or even the webhooks and Microsoft Teams integration for cross-system communication and acceleration of interaction.

Best of all, with CAS genesisWorld's SmartDesign®, usability remains the same across all platforms and devices. A consistent look & feel ensures intuitive working from anywhere and minimizes the training effort required for CRM implementation. CAS genesisWorld thus not only makes everyday work more efficient, but is simply a joy to use from the first click.


genesisWorld x14What is special about SmartDesign® technology?
The SmartDesign® technology wins users over very quickly, it basically convinces anyone who uses it of its own value by offering them maximum flexibility, adaptivity and quasi tangible AI. In addition, the special feature of the CRM + AIA® solution is that it supports the hands-on mentality practiced in medium-sized businesses. Companies can adapt CAS genesisWorld to their industry-specific requirements, react flexibly to changes in the market and, at the same time, employees benefit from the freedom to design their own individual work environment without extensive IT knowledge. Views, apps and dashboards can be easily modeled via the AppDesigner and used on all devices with the same look and feel. Regardless of whether you use a smartphone, tablet or PC - all the important information is available without having to change devices. This means that sales staff can inspire customers with customer-specific knowledge even when they are offline. This is what we mean when talk about unlimited freedom.

SmartDesign® technology is extraordinary for a number of reasons: on the one hand, the tangible intelligence of the software to obtain important information to support decision-making and customer-specific service in a transparent and data protection-compliant manner thanks to the thinking assistants and, on the other hand, the intuitive and individual usability that sets new standards and creates a unique user experience. CAS genesisWorld is not just a tool that supports us in our daily work, but a CRM + AIA® solution that inspires with its simplicity, intuitive and self-explanatory operation, which also happens to make working both more fun and enjoyable.


What drives you and your team in designing an inspiring user experience?
The aim for sustainable, future-oriented workplace optimisation and the success of our customers, because if they are successfull, then so we are. We want to give both the CRM novice and the IT expert a positive user experience and at the same time enable their customers to enjoy an inspiring customer journey. We want to support companies in their customer-focused day-to-day business and digital transformation in the best way possible, to prepare and support them optimally for the future even in turbulent times.

To achieve this, processes must be mapped efficiently, data must be transparent, GDPR compliant and accessible, and the user's freedom to adapt must be as intuitive and simple as possible.

Our slogan: from medium-sized companies for medium-sized companies. We maintain a regular and direct exchange with customers to ensure the timely perception of market changes and to react to new industry-specific needs. Driven by a strong spirit of innovation and the goal of "a CRM for every customer", we keep the CAS CRM finger on the pulse of the times and are constantly evolving ourselves and the CRM + AIA® solution CAS genesisWorld. Which, by-the-way, has also been confirmed by the market: For the third time running, CAS Software AG finished at the top of the TOP 100 companies competition and has been named Innovator of the Year® 2022.


Finally, a question about inside information from the development team: What is in the pipeline regarding CRM enhancements for the ideal workplace?
As you know at CAS Software innovation never sleeps. We have a lot planned that includes establishing stronger, uniform and flowing processes in companies, we want to offer CRM users the option of independently designing predefined data record templates such as task templates, sales opportunities, and documents, and then making these available to selected users and groups individually. This helps to boost processing speed and thus customer enthusiasm.

We also want to strengthen data protection so that CAS CRM customers can use CAS genesisWorld even more securely: To this end, we are further expanding the authentication infrastructure in CAS genesisWorld so that both single sign-on scenarios (SSO) with Microsoft's Active Directory Services and comparable ID providers and two-factor authentication via modern standards are possible.

CAS genesisWorld KundenbeziehungsmanagementAdditionally, we are looking at expanding the intelligence of the CRM + AIA® solution. Developing more thinking assistants that will promote hybrid and comfortable working. Promoting win-win by supporting sustainable success which is based on sound decisions as well as giving companies a sense of security in the future by providing them with the means to always react flexibly and adaptively to market changes using CAS genesisWorld without having to resort to any major investments.

Discover all highlights of the new version in detail: CAS genesisWorld x14

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