06/10/21Future-proof CRM solutions for digital transformation

For a healthy business development and a sustainable future, businesses need to align their processes to digital transformation and thoroughly question their tried-and-tested processes. Keeping an eye on the big picture and on your customers and the ecosystem around you is essential to be able to flexibly react to changes and break new ground.

Mircea Prelipceanu, Head of International Sales With CAS genesisWorld as CRM and AIA solution (Augmented Intelligence Assistant), we offer you a solution with intelligent help functions for efficient processes and automated workflows – for best customer relationships. You can flexibly adapt the CRM software to your business and requirements at any time. No matter which change processes your business is currently involved in or at which stage: Data protection, rapid growth, saturated markets or roaring sales – CRM takes away some of your team‘s daily workload and supports your business in achieving sustainable success.

CRM lets you flexibly react to new challenges and matches your processes to your needs: Individually adjustable dashboards help to make your workday more efficient and teamwork more transparent – just one click and you have all relevant project data of all teams across your company readily available. No matter whether you need them online or offline.

Moreover, especially in times of mobile office, trustworthy software is essential for legally compliant work: CAS genesisWorld is all about digital freedom, digital sovereignty and data security. Certified with the new "fair.digital" quality seal and honored with the "Software Made & Hosted in Germany" award, CAS genesisWorld is a solution in compliance with the GDPR that offers you and your customers maximum security.

But the most important thing you gain thanks to a CRM + AIA solution is more time and understanding for your customer. As we all know: Business is still done between people, which is why a healthy customer relationship is essential for sustainable business success.

Let’s get started now and work together for a successful digital future – we have the right CRM match for you to get ready for digital transformation. As an energy boost, you will receive CAS genesisWorld at top conditions until December 22, 2021Regardless of whether you rent or buy and which editions or modules – CRM has proven to pay off, and the sooner you start, the better.

Please contact your partner or the CAS team via e-mail or phone (+49 721 9638-188) for further information and individual consultation.

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