15/03/21Short interview with Martin Hubschneider, CEO CAS Software AG

In this personal interview, we asked Martin Hubschneider, founder and CEO of CAS Software AG, four questions how the company is managing the challenging situation.

Martin, how was 2020 for you personally?
Last year, was of course shaped by the pandemic. For me personally, things have remained unchanged and all is well. However, I think that the difficulties and stresses of the pandemic have not always been proportional for different groups like children, families, single parents and senior citizens. What has been clear is that the State has a lot of catching up to do and not just in the area of digitalization.

And how are things for CAS Software AG?
All things considered, astonishingly good. For the standard products, the CRM/XRM solutions CAS genesisWorld and SmartWe and also the configurator CAS Configurator Merlin we posted record turnover. CAS CRM products are the perfect fit for the current situation, a situation in which lots of people from small and medium-sized enterprises are working while mobile or from home. This is also why we were able to avoid short-time working, in fact, we actually employed 30 new people in 2020. At the moment, we have 20 job vacancies at the company. And in turn, CAS CRM customers were able to keep working seamlessly from home thanks to CAS genesisWorld or SmartWe. We are also delighted with the 3 Awards we received in 2020. In the Top 100 competition, we were awarded prizes for Top Innovator and the most innovative software house in Germany; in the Great Place to Work competition we counted among Germany's best employers; and in the ranking run by the WirtschaftsWoche magazine for the most innovative small and medium-sized company in Germany we took 3rd place ahead of 3500 other companies.

What trends and requirements do you see shaping company software and CRM currently?
There are many areas at the moment – however there are 5 points which deserve special attention:

1. Collaboration across corporate boundaries. This is not just about seamless cooperation while mobile working or working out of home office, but also with customers and partners.

2. The efficient and intelligent processing of information and application of knowledge as well as workflow support. Watch this space, on June 15, 2021, CAS Software will be presenting an innovative new approach on exactly how to do this.

3. Effective sales support. This was always a particular strength of the CAS CRM solutions. Used together, the Unternehmensverzeichnis, the company dossier and the company network provide customers with unique insights into their business opportunities and when coupled with the CAS Configurator Merlin configurator quote creation is taken to a whole new level of customer experience.

4. Adaptive software solutions. In a time in which customer requirements and underlying conditions are changing incredibly rapidly, CRM/XRM software has to be easy and quick to customize. Which is exactly why the CAS CRM SmartDesign©-Technology won the German Design Award.

5. The development of trustworthy, sustainable software platforms. You have to be just as careful when choosing a software platform as you are when choosing a partner. It is all about common values, future-orientation and of course keeping the spark alive – also known as 'sexyness' in new German. Together with other software houses, CAS Software AG founded the fair.digital e.V. non-profit association to strengthen and protect the Digital Sovereignty of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.

What else is on your mind?
As co-creators of CAS Software AG, we want to contribute in a meaningful and valuable way to a sustainable social order of the future. This contribution should strive to strike a balance between sufficient profits and making an outstanding contribution to both the common good and individual well-being. And of course we can extend this to include the future viability of the CAS CRM environment, as well as ensuring sustainable, connected and desirable jobs. We are independent of the banks and invest the CAS CRM own capital. In fact, as in previous years, we continue to invest more than 25 % of the CAS CRM turnover into suitable innovative solutions for the CAS CRM customers in the global small and medium-sized enterprise community. We very much look forward to actively shaping the common fair-digital future together with CAS CRM customers and partners.

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