23/08/13Excellent: The German Historical Institute in Paris writes history

The DHI in Paris is the first research institute ever to receive the coveted Customer Excellence Award. At this year's CRM & xRM Customer Day, the internationally active institute was presented with the award in recognition of its exemplary work in the areas of CRM & xRM.

As in previous years, the competition remained tense right up until the award ceremony, which took place during the CRM & xRM Customer Day on June 20, 2013 in Karlsruhe. Overall it was a very close competition, which made predicting which company or organization might win the "Customer Excellence Award" a very difficult task indeed.

Customer Excellence Award 2013 (v.l.n.r): Christoph Adamczyk (itdesign GmbH), Tobias Acker (itdesign GmbH), Benedict Fehler (German Historical Institute in Paris), Andreas Zipser (CAS Software AG).

Before the award ceremony, all of the participants of the CRM & xRM Customer Day enjoyed a varied CRM event on "Turning your customers into fans". Photos.

The crowning glory was of course the Customer Excellence Award ceremony, now in its sixth year. This year was particularly thrilling as it was the first time ever that an internationally active research institute was awarded the Customer Excellence Award. The humanities institute used the advantages of working with a CRM system such as intelligent workflow templates, event management and project management to become a role model.

The purpose of the Customer Excellence Award is to recognize outstanding customer service in companies and organizations who have used a holistic and innovative approach in implementing their CRM systems.