02/06/22Digital Office Index 2022 – how digitally do German companies work?

The German economy has experienced a significant digitalization boost because of the Corona pandemic: The digital office has become the epitome of productivity and collaboration in companies: 9 out of 10 companies are open to digitalization and 83 percent of organizations are already pursuing a digitalization strategy, according to Bitkom's findings on the Digital Office Index 2022. Now it is a matter of overcoming the last inhibitions in order to strengthen the future viability of companies with digital tools.

Companies open to digitalisation

Many entrepreneurs have recognized that digitalization helps: Once again, times of crisis have triggered a surge of innovation in companies. In addition to acceptance of digital technologies and collaborative working, the strategic and coordinative approach to digital transformation in companies has become much more important.

"Digital transformation is less about digitalizing analog processes one-to-one but more about using the possibilities of digitalization for location-independent, transparent and efficient work processes to work successfully as a team and create more time for customers and their needs",

explains Marcus Bär, member of the Digital Office Steering Committee at Bitkom e.V. and member of the CAS CRM Board of Directors. Despite digitalization, people business will remain, only the paths to the customer will change. Companies must take these new paths to the customer and adapt in an agile manner in order to be successful in the long term. Here, the use of a CRM/XRM solution as a digital information platform around the customer is the ideal support to recognize their needs in time and to make the right decisions. Which is why strategic considerations are just as important as the introduction of the digital technologies themselves.

Communication channels

Collaboration tools can do more than audio and video conferencing

Digital communication has increased significantly, but the potential of digital collaboration tools is far from being exhausted: Often, they are only used as a means of communication and not as tools for knowledge management or as virtual workspaces to organize more transparently and efficiently in teams and projects.

"CRM also functions as a collaboration tool and enables hybrid working. As a central corporate memory and intelligent assistant, a CRM + AIA solution provides optimal support for daily tasks, processes, team collaboration and, of course, direct customer contact. Employees can access customer and project data centrally, at any time and from anywhere, in order to provide the best service and successfully complete projects. With the CRM solutions from CAS Software AG, companies benefit from maximum mobility and digital freedom",

Marcus Bär emphasizes. To strengthen the future viability of companies, it is crucial to gradually unleash the full potential of digital technologies for an intelligent working environment in all areas.

"AI has already arrived in everyday life. Unfortunately, there is a mistaken belief in many minds that AI replaces workers. But this is not the case. AI, as used in CAS CRM AI assistants, supports employees and workers in the processing of enormous amounts of data so that they can make the right decisions",

says Marcus Bär. Digitalization is an opportunity for better customer relationships – it creates more time for what's important: the customer.

Digial Office Solutions

Digital office solutions create more transparency
According to the Digital Office Index, the use of digital office solutions has become standard: 76 percent of companies have at least one enterprise content management (ECM) application in use that supports the digital management of business documents, among other things. 77 percent use a customer relationship management (CRM) application to digitally manage customer contacts, and as many as 95 percent use enterprise resource planning (ERP) to digitally plan and control resources such as materials or personnel. The benefits of these digital technologies are clearly noticeable in the companies: the performance and transparency of internal business and administrative processes have increased.

3 out of 4 companies use crm solutions

With CAS genesisWorld, companies can connect these digital office solutions to create an end-to-end flow of information. CAS' own OpenSync framework fits the CRM solution into the existing system landscape and enables the seamless integration of any third-party solutions.





The biggest digitalization concerns: money, data protection, qualified staff
Mistakenly, high data protection or security concerns continue to inhibit digitalization in many companies. Yet a CRM solution in particular creates optimal conditions for implementing the GDPR and protecting customer data. Certified with the "fair.digital" seal of approval and awarded "Software Made & Hosted in Germany", CAS genesisWorld stands for seamless data security. A rights system protects sensitive customer data from unauthorized access and ensures that the requirements for both legally compliant and data protection-compliant work are met.

Investment costs slos digitalisation

And qualified personnel are also frequently cited as a hurdle to advancing digitalization strategies in companies. But what companies can't do alone, we can do together. With the CAS CRM proven and field-tested implementation method, we guarantee a successful CRM/XRM rollout in the company so that all employees - even those without strong IT skills - enjoy and accept the digital knowledge platform.

Last but not least: The blockade of high investment requirements is also easy to overcome. Flexible rental options, licensing models and entry-level options for digital technologies are now available to keep costs low and adapt solutions to the individual requirements of companies.

"CAS genesisWorld is not only available for purchase, but also at fair rental prices. Following a classic licensing model, companies can adapt the CAS CRM solution to their operational requirements and thus keep the initial investment low. Companies thus enjoy a high degree of flexibility, as they only have to pay for the costs that are actually incurred",

says Marcus Bär. Ultimately, it is also important to calculate what it costs the company not to digitalize. An ROI calculator determines how quickly CRM pays off and when the savings are greater than the costs, based on realistic reference values taken from praxis: ROI calculation CRM >>

Digital technologies strengthen the future viability of companies
Finally, the biggest obstacle also offers the greatest potential - the mindset: Throw your reservations overboard! Strengthen your team and your company with CRM/XRM and invest in the sustainable success of your company. Design your intelligent company, ...

  • ... where your team can collaborate productively anytime, anywhere.
  • ... in which processed data creates new knowledge that enables you to make the best possible decisions.
  • ... in which your employees benefit from continuous, automated and cross-system processes.
  • ... where secure and legally compliant systems support working from anywhere.

Take the first step together with your team, start with a small investment and gradually expand your CRM solution. Together with the CAS CRM certified CAS partners we are always available to advise you and accompany you on your way to becoming an intelligent company.

More information on the Digital Office Index 2022

  • Study background: On behalf of the digital association Bitkom e.V., 1,102 companies with 20 or more employees from all economic sectors were surveyed. The study has been published every two years since 2016.

  • Would you like to read the complete study? No problem. Start the download here: Digital Office Index 2022 >>

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