06/05/22CustomerSpotlight: AUTONOM Services S.A. grows even faster by using CAS CRM

The CustomerSpotlight series shines a light on impressive and inspiring companies that are accomplishing amazing things with CAS CRM. In this new episode we turn the spotlight on CAS Customer AUTONOM Services S.A., who has become the mobility network in Romania, while managing 43 locations in 34 cities and a fleet of over 12000 new cars.

CustomerSpotlight CRM at Autonom

The Autonom mobility network offers operational leasing, car rentals, transfers with drivers, roadside assistance, replacement cars and much more. 

To organize their business more transparently and efficiently, the company relies on the CRM solution CAS genesisWorld and the local CAS partner Soft Net Consulting SRL for a professional consultation and a successful project implementation.

"CAS genesisWorld makes our daily work easier, makes the entire sales process clearer and we benefit from better communication between all departments”, says Mihai Nicolescu, Sales Coordinator at AUTONOM Services S.A.

Watch the CustomerSpotlight video with Mihai Nicolescu, Sales Coordinator at AUTONOM Services S.A., and Adrian Stanciu, CRM Consultant at Soft Net Consulting SRL, to learn how CAS CRM helps the company gain a competitive edge and how the CRM project was successfully implemented.

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