23/03/15CAS PIA 5.0 — here's a peak at what you can expect in the new version

The new version of the Cloud CRM solution CAS PIA is available now with lots of new functions to help you with your daily work.

  • Always address your customers using the correct address data. The new integration in CAS PIA with the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org enables you to synchronize your customer data with the comprehensive data stored in the directory. Additionally, if you are subscribed to the premium service, you can also use their creditworthiness service in the form of compact SCHUFA reports.
  • Creating contact forms or making online appointments for any number of record types is easy — with the new online forms in CAS PIA 5.0
  • Guaranteed time-savings with the new field synchronization function, you can define which fields you want to keep synchronized between an organization and any respective primary contacts.


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