New in version x8

CAS genesisWorld x8 sets new standards in positive customer experiences. A range of new features and functions have been specially designed in CAS genesisWorld to support you in all areas of your company. Explore our new features, such as the App Designer, CAS SmartSearch 3.0 and the dynamic reporting functions. In addition, CAS genesisWorld x8 also offers you the best possible platform for implementing the successful Customer Centricity company philosophy.

Configure your individual dashboard for quick access to all relevant information.
Create your own apps without any programing knowledge.

App Designer

The new App Designer for CAS genesisWorld Web and CAS genesisWorld Mobile Apps enables you to create your own information such as elements and charts in your own app by just using drag & drop and without requiring any programing knowledge. Should you require any other company-specific information, then it is really very easy to extend existing apps or even create completely new ones.

With just a few clicks you can create personalized and consistently designed xRM e-mails.

xRM e‑mails

Using the new xRM mailing function you can include any relevant information from various sources in personalized e-mails. For example, you can include detailed information in xRM mails taken from a range of different sources such as events, opportunities, phone calls or requests and then send these e-mails in no time at all. This has leaned out the whole process resulting in major time savings when creating xRM e-mails with a consistent design.

The intelligent search function provides you with relevant hits in record time.

CAS SmartSearch 3.0

SmartSearch 3.0 has just made searching even easier. The intelligent search-as-you-type-search function, includes relevance-sorting features and it can also perform fuzzy searches. You can include searches for your own data record types and fields when searching, which enables individual customizations. And thanks to full-text searching you can search for PDF files and Office documents in record time.

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Reporting function - featuring many new interactive views.

New reporting functions

The new x8 version of CAS genesisWorld Web now includes interactive report views. All customer and project data analyses can be filtered and sorted specifically or ad hoc. In addition to pivot views you can also choose from a range of different charts such as bar charts and pie charts.

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Mobile apps

The CAS genesisWorld Mobile Apps are always up-to-date no matter if you are on-site visiting a customer or mobile on the train or in a hotel. Using the Mobile Apps you can designate specific information as a personal favorite and then work on this information while offline. Why not test the new Mobile Apps for yourself they are available on all the usual platforms such as iOS, Android and Microsoft.

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Data deletion

Using the new data deletion function you can keep track of your data quality automatically. By applying intelligent rules, databases are checked for inconsistencies at regular intervals and if any corrections are necessary these are then performed automatically.

An intelligent modular system with additional modules

CAS genesisWorld can be extended with a number of CAS modules these are being continually developed with new features being added all the time. In addition, current versions of third-party products such as Microsoft products, e-mail servers and browsers are also supported.

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