New in version x7

CAS genesisWorld x7 is the one helper on the road to Customer Centricity that you just can't do without. With a variety of new features and functions CAS genesisWorld supports you on your journey to sustainable success in relationship management. Experience new features such as the unique radial menu, the second generation of SmartSearch, the new Duplicate Finder pro module as well as extended core functionality. Delight your customers with a host of new functions.

Unique ease of operation with the new radial menu

The new radial menu offers offers you a context sensitive menu coupled with a completely new form of intuitive user experience. The rapid access to functions relating to contacts and associated functionality such as "Create appointment", "Create opportunity" or "Display dossier" enables you to execute relevant actions in just a few clicks.

In addition to an extensive facelift, CAS SmartDesign® Technology ensures continuity of look and feel in CAS genesisWorld Web and Mobile apps as well as guaranteeing user friendliness. And the new Flat Design creates clear delineations that help the user to find their way around more quickly and easier than ever before.

Functional new appointment management features improve the availability of participants overview by using interactive participants fields. Using the iCalendar standard, you can invite external persons to appointments and respond to external invitations.

CAS genesisWorld Web

With the new x7 version of CAS genesisWorld Web, your working processes are now supported better than ever before. Contact information can now be recorded more easily with the help of the address wizard. The HTML Editor now makes phone call- and appointment notes clearer. Besides saving individual formats, you can also store photos. There are more new features in the Service and Support area: where you can also edit service contracts, product use or resource plans.

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SmartSearch 2.0 now with extended search functionality and quick actions

With the new "SmartSearch 2.0" search engine, searching has never been so easy. Addresses, appointments and documents are searched rapidly. The intelligent search also includes similar sounds and words. Search hits are displayed according to relevance and relationships.

Mobile apps

New functions are now available in CAS genesisWorld Mobile Apps for Microsoft Windows, iOS, BlackBerry and Android-based devices. For example, geomarketing on the iPad: this functionality enables you to visualize address-related data in detail on digital maps. Additionally, proximity searches and heatmap analyses can now also be used mobile.

You can now access data records offline on Android devices. This can be a great help, for example, during customer meetings when you need to access relevant information.


Duplicate Finder pro module makes working easier

The new Duplicate Finder pro module enables you to identify and resolve duplicate data records quickly and efficiently. This applies, for example, to multiple instances of company addresses, individual company contacts with contact persons and multiple instances of contact persons. Phonetic comparisons are used to help support duplicate searching which forms the basis of significantly improved address quality.


An intelligent modular system with additional modules

CAS genesisWorld can be extended with a number of CAS modules, which are being continually developed with new features being added all the time. For example, you can now create anonymous surveys using the Survey module.

In addition, current versions of third-party products such as Microsoft products, e-mail servers and browsers are also supported.

Impressed with the new functions?

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